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Steve Alcorn

Welcome to Writing Academy! If you want to learn to write best-selling fiction and non-fiction you’ve found the right place! I'm Steve Alcorn, author, writing instructor and mentor. I’ve helped more than 30,000 aspiring authors plan, write and polish their work. Many of them are now in print.

I'll show you how to turn your idea into a novel, screenplay, or non-fiction book, helping you every step of the way. Here at Writing Academy you’ll find a selection of self-paced interactive online and video courses. Sign up now, and you're on the way to becoming a published author!

Online Workshops

Online Writing WorkshopsWe offer many different online writing workshops that let you learn at your own pace. These are lively, video-based classes that make learning fun. We have classes for all levels, from beginners to experts. And whether your interest is in novel writing, autobiography, writing for children, young adult fiction, science fiction and fantasy, non-fiction writing or screenplays, we have a class for you.

Once enrolled in a class, you're a permanent member and can return any time to refresh your learning or ask questions about your writing.

Plus, our amazing subscription plans give you unlimited access to all of our classes, or a bundle that perfectly suits your interests.

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College Affiliated Extension Courses

College Extension ClassesOur college affiliated extension courses are offered through the online learning programs of more than 1500 colleges, worldwide!

Each course lasts six weeks, and consists of 12 lessons. Each lesson includes instructional materials, a quiz, web resources, and assignment involving your own original writing, and a discussion area where you'll share your work and receive feedback from Steve Alcorn. It's like being a member of the world's most exclusive critique group! New courses begin monthly.

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BookstoreIf you're looking for a great companion to my writing courses, you'll enjoy How to Fix Your Novel. It covers all the topics from my classes, and makes a wonderful reference, with test drives, work sheets and resource lists.

In the bookstore you'll also find the novels I use as examples in my classes; they're another great way to learn these techniques.

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